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“Early on the First Day of the Week . . .”

A Guest Post by Robyn Elliott

This is the thirteenth  in a series of posts engaging with the sermons in Leaps of Faith: Sermons from the Edge.  This post is a reflection upon an Easter sermon entitled “Early on the First Day of the Week . . .” (pp. 125-132). The Scriptural text for the sermon was John 20:1-18. Continue reading “Early on the First Day of the Week . . .”

A Christmas Conundrum

birthday-candlesThe Lutheran theologian Robert Jenson once published a delightful collection of theological conversations he had with his eight-year old granddaughter, entitled, Conversations with Poppi about God. While I may lack Jenson’s great erudition, my five-year old daughter certainly has no problem supplying the type of questions and comments that make for “book-worthy” theological conversation. (See, for example her question in the Advent sermon previously posted.) Her most recent question was raised the other day as we were driving home from a church Christmas event. Continue reading A Christmas Conundrum