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A Conversation about Personhood

I recently appeared with my former student Jordan Michalski on the Soul Sanctuary podcast. They’ve been doing a sermon series on essential Christian doctrines. After each sermon they’ve been recording a podcast in response to questions they’ve received from the congregation. Jordan invited me to join him to talk about questions emerging from his sermon on human personhood. You can listen to the podcast here or watch the video below:

A Sermon for Black History Month

Below is a recording of a sermon I preached this past Sunday at Prairie Presbyterian Church.  My text was John 3:1-21.  As I was working on the sermon, I began to notice interesting connections between the story of Nicodemus’s encounter with Jesus and our current cultural struggles surrounding race in North America.  The fact that I’ve been reading Jonathan Tran’s insightful book, Asian Americans and the Spirit of Racial Capitalism, is also surely a contributing factor.  The first part of the sermon is sure to aggravate cultural warriors on the left and the right, but I do think the second half gestures towards a more distinctive Christian approach to this set of problems. Continue reading A Sermon for Black History Month