Leaps of Faith


If you are passionate about participating in the recovery of preaching for the spiritual formation of God’s people, then you will want to jump into this lively collection of biblically rigorous, culturally intuitive, grace-drenched sermons.


“In one of these sermons Robert Dean remarks that the Gospel is simple but not simplistic. That insight also describes these well-wrought sermons. Dean has a gift for helping us see our lives storied by the story of the Bible. It is by no means clear in our time what a sermon should be, but Dean’s sermons are clearly examples of what sermons should be–that is, serious but avoiding all forms of sentimentality.”
–Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity School

Reflections on the Sermons

  1. “My Daddy was a Pimp! and Other Skeletons from the Closet: Ian Scott, Redeemer Chinese Evangelical Free Church [posted here (March 20, 2017)]
  2. A Long and Winding Word: Victor Shepherd, Tyndale Seminary [posted here (March 27, 2017)]
  3. A Prodigal and His Son: John McAuley, Muskoka Woods Sports Resort
  4. A Prodigal and His Other Son: Jeff McCarrell, Martin Grove Baptist Church
  5. Holy Spirit-uality: Rachel Yousef, Tyndale Seminary [posted here (March 29, 2017)]
  6. Body Odor: Mona Scrivens, Amberlea Presbyterian Church [posted here (July 3, 2017)]
  7. A Garden in the Wasteland: Jamie Bay, Chartwell-Clarkson Village Baptist Church [posted here (June 29, 2017)]
  8. “The Clothes Make the Man”: Phil Reinders, Knox Presbyterian Church [posted here (July 26, 2017)]
  9. “Let Heav’n and Nature Sing!”: Ken Michell, Bridlewood Presbyterian Church [posted here (March 31, 2017)]
  10. When a Hallmark Christmas Isn’t Good Enough: Paul Johansen, Knox Presbyterian Church [posted here (December 24, 2017)]
  11. Being on Pilgrimage Sure Is No Vacation!: Glen Soderholm, Three Rivers Church
  12. The Road to Calvary Passes through Flossenbürg: Patrick Franklin, Providence Theological Seminary [posted here (April 10, 2017)]
  13. Much Ado about Nothing?: Rebecca Idestrom, Tyndale Seminary [posted here (April 7, 2017)]
  14. Provisions for Pilgrims: Barbara Constable, Good Shepherd Community Church [posted here (April 12, 2017)]
  15. A Tale of Two Jesuses: David Schuchardt, Northview Community Church [posted here (April 14, 2017)]
  16. “Early on the First Day of the Week . . .”: Robyn Elliott, Yorkminster Park Baptist Church [posted here (April 16, 2017)]
  17. An Unlikely Candidate for Sermonic Success: Ben Bartosik, Youth Unlimited [posted here (April 3, 2017)]
  18. Thoughtfully Following through the Waters: Kevin Livingston, Tyndale Seminary [posted here (July 19, 2017)]
  19. “You Have Saved the Best till Now”: Greg Brawn, Byron United Church [posted here (April 5, 2017)]
  20. “We Have to Give Thanks to God”: Steve Tu, Good Shepherd Community Church
  21. Mary and Martha, Lucia and Lazarus: Joseph Mangina, Wycliffe College [posted here (March 22, 2017)]
  22. The Monuments Men: Matthew Gibbins, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
  23. Body-Building: Marian Nacpil, Called to the Marketplace [posted here (March 24, 2017)]
  24. Producing Professional Pastors: Donald Goertz, Tyndale Seminary

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