On Being a Christian University

I was reminded during a faculty meeting yesterday of a talk I gave to the Providence University College faculty a few years back, which I subsequently published with Living Church on their Covenant blog. The presentation dealt with what it might mean to be a Christian university. Since the beginning of a new semester is just around the corner, it seemed appropriate to re-share this piece.

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Some Fun with ChatGPT

I decided to do a little experiment to get a handle on the state of contemporary AI. Since I’m preaching on the call of Abram in Genesis 12:1-9 this Sunday, I thought I’d ask ChatGPT to generate some sermons on this biblical text in the style of several prominent preachers and theologians. See if you can guess who ChatGPT thinks it is imitating in the following sermons. Feel free to leave your comments in the chat and share with others you think might be interested. I’ll reveal the pseudo-identities of the “preachers” in upcoming posts, as well as share a few observations about where ChatGPT goes wrong.

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