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Augustine on the Two Cities

While the first ten books of The City of God are directed towards addressing the charges of the pagan critics who maintained that Christianity was responsible for the sack of Rome in 410 A.D., in the remaining books (XI-XXII) Augustine directs his attention to the arc of Scripture and the task of narrating the intertwined history of the “two cities.”  The following is one of the central quotes in which Augustine makes clear his understanding of the differentiation between the two cities: Continue reading Augustine on the Two Cities

The Good News of the Impassible Love of God

In the wake of Moltmann’s The Crucified God (1973), it has become fashionable in some theological circles to celebrate the “suffering” or passibility of God.  In recent years, I have become increasingly convinced that such construals may not actually understand how the language of “impassibility” has historically functioned in the Christian theological tradition and particularly in the work of the Fathers. Continue reading The Good News of the Impassible Love of God