Vaccine Hesitancy among Christians

I was pleased to get my COVID vaccination a couple of weeks ago.  I view getting vaccinated as part of my missional calling as a Christian to love my neighbour.  Unfortunately, many Christians do not see things in the way I do, with the potential risk that we do not reach herd immunity as a society.  Southern Manitoba, where I currently reside, is often considered to be one of the Bible-belts of Canada, yet it has the lowest vaccination rate in the province.

My colleague, Rebecca Dielschneider, Assistant Professor of Biology at Providence University College,  will be giving a public presentation based upon her recent paper, “Vaccine Hesitancy: Christian Responses and Reasons.”  The presentation, to be held on May 26 is being hosted by the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation.  You can find out more about the event and register here.  The original paper, as published in the most recent issue of Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, can be read here.

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