“Dem Bones” – A Sermon for Pentecost

I was invited to preach yesterday on the Feast of Pentecost at Prairie Presbyterian Church, my family’s home congregation in Winnipeg.  The lectionary readings were Psalm 104: 24-34, 35b; Ezekiel 37: 1-14; and Acts 2:1-21.  I am still not used to preaching to a camera in a largely empty sanctuary – for that matter, hopefully I will never get used to it!  You can watch the sermon below.

One thought on ““Dem Bones” – A Sermon for Pentecost”

  1. Hey Rob,
    Thanks for a very thought provoking message! On a side note, I view preaching to a camera these days in the same light as the early gospel writers… sitting writing a letter “into the void”. Imagine not knowing the exact impact of your message, or the date it may be seen or read out loud in the church house meeting… but it must still be faithfully written and sent… and in the words of Bill Bright, “leave the results to God!” be blessed both in and because of Jesus! rusty

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