The Word is Near You

Last night I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of my copy of The Word is Near You: Seeds of the ReformationThe book is a collection of sermons edited by Peter Robinson that were preached in the chapel at Wycliffe College last year to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  I was honoured by the invitation to preach as part of the series and am now delighted to see my sermon on Matthew 28: 16-20 in print alongside other sermons from the distinguished faculty at Wycliffe.  The book is available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.

Here’s what some are saying about the book:

“This anthology of sermons draws us into the heart of the Reformation. The reader can hear the voices of the Wycliffe Faculty as they eloquently and elegantly address the salient thoughts of the Reformers. Ranging from diverse themes, such as the Law/Gospel dichotomy, idolatry, grace, the priesthood of believers, the primacy of Scripture, and the absence of God, they bring the Word itself nearer to us all. A faithful compendium and an engaging read.”

—Andrew Stirling, Senior Minister, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, Toronto

The Word Is Near You brings the Protestant Reformation’s unique emphasis on Scripture out of history’s archives and close to home. By rediscovering the Reformation with all its strengths and weaknesses, we who are its children will better understand ourselves and what God is saying now. This fresh, insightful, multifaceted read will assist us in listening with greater discernment to God’s voice and in speaking God’s word with increased clarity in the church and society today.”

—Paul Louis Metzger, Professor of Theology & Culture, Multnomah University & Seminary

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