Advent Resources

With the first Sunday of Advent nearly upon us, I thought that I would go back through the archives and pull together some of the most memorable postings pertaining to Advent that have appeared on the blog.  In the days ahead, I will also be posting some Advent-themed quotations from Stanley Hauerwas which appear in Minding the Web.  Here are some of the notable previous posts:

“Judgement”: A Sermon for the First Sunday of Advent – text of a sermon preached at Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church during Advent 2017

The Song of the Son – an excerpt from my Advent sermon on the Magnificat published in Leaps of Faith

“Let Heav’n and Nature Sing” – a guest post by Ken Michell interacting with my Advent sermon of the same title published in Leaps of Faith

Fire is Still Coming!: Some Josh Ritter for Advent – text of a sermon preached at Tyndale Seminary during the season of Advent in 2015

“Advent Begins in the Dark” – an introduction to the season of Advent I shared with the congregation of Good Shepherd Community Church during Advent 2015

It Ain’t Easy Being a Prophet – some Advent-inspired reflections on the life and ministry of the prophet Isaiah

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