Endorsements for “For the Life of the World”

Since we are now a week away from the Book Launch Celebration for my new book For the Life of the World: Jesus Christ and the Church in the Theologies of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Stanley Hauerwas, I thought I’d whet the appetites of those who are coming (and perhaps encourage those who are still on the fence) by sharing a couple of gracious endorsements the book has received:

“What has Berlin to do with Pleasant Grove, Texas? Much in every way. Robert Dean’s splendid book uncovers many unexpected convergences and resonances between the theologies of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Stanley Hauerwas. Dean shows how both men write theology in such a way as to draw us into the passion of Jesus Christ ‘for the life of the world.’ A rich and rewarding piece of work.” – JOSEPH MANGINA, Professor of Theology, Wycliffe College, Toronto

“Bonhoeffer and Hauerwas are the major forces in contemporary theological ethics in North America. Dean gives us a masterful guide to their work. . . . Because this book gives such a clear, reliable, and engaging account of Bonhoeffer and Hauerwas, it could easily be used as a core text in undergraduate courses and graduate seminars in Christian ethics and political theology, or as an essential guide to either or both theologians. An outstanding contribution!”
– DOUGLAS HARINK, Professor of Theology, King’s University, Edmonton; Author, Paul Among the Postliberals and 1 & 2 Peter in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible

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