Upcoming Public Lecture: “Imagining a Better Way”

Most agree that preaching should lead to transformed lives, even if there is disagreement about what that may look like. But what if today’s preachers have been seeking that result in the wrong way? What if transformation is not found in the type of action-oriented preaching dominating contemporary pulpits which seeks to provide only biblical information, dole out helpful tips and practical advice, or serve as a cheerleader for the latest fashionable social cause? By contrast, this presentation will argue that genuine transformation occurs as the sermon becomes the vehicle for the Holy Spirit’s conversion of the hearer’s imagination. This impacts both the posture of the preacher and the practices of Spirit-led congregations.

To find out more information and to register visit:
Seminary Symposium – Providence University College and Theological Seminary

Note, there is a livestream option. Those attending in person will be treated to a complimentary lunch.

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