On Being a Christian University

I was reminded during a faculty meeting yesterday of a talk I gave to the Providence University College faculty a few years back, which I subsequently published with Living Church on their Covenant blog. The presentation dealt with what it might mean to be a Christian university. Since the beginning of a new semester is just around the corner, it seemed appropriate to re-share this piece.

Here’s a paragraph from the essay in which I describe the state of the contemporary North American university:

“Without any unifying conception of how the disciplines fit together or what purpose they serve, the modern secular university has become driven by pragmatic concerns and fallen captive to the agendas of the demanding taskmasters of the nation state and the globalized economy, with a pinch of the virtue-signaling of identity politics thrown in for good measure.”

You can access the full essay here:

“In Him All Things Hold Together”: A Theological Meditation for Aspiring Christian Universities – Covenant (livingchurch.org)

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