Hauerwas on His “Frightening” Friendship with Jean Vanier

Faith and Leadership have published a lovely piece by Stanley Hauerwas on his friendship with Jean Vanier.  The following is an excerpt in which Hauerwas recounts the first time he heard the L’Arche founder speak:

“As he talked, he glowed. Jean was different. He had been made different by living into that challenge — being present with differently abled people that loved him and that he loved. For if Jean was different, it was because of his ability to see the disabled as human beings.

He understood that the mentally disabled feared that they could not be loved because of their difference, and this deep insight made all the difference. Many of Jean’s friends knew that their very existence may have disappointed their parents. Jean overwhelmed their fears by not only loving his friends but loving being loved by them.”

The entire article can be read here.

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