All Truth Will Finally Testify to the Trinity (Series on “Minding the Web”)

“Because God is Trinity, Christians have no fear of the truth no matter where it may be found. Jesus tells his disciples that the Spirit of truth will guide them into all truth. All that is has been created by the Holy Spirit, so that all truth testifies to the one who makes the Father known. Christians, therefore, have a stake in the wisdom found through the contemplative wonder inspired by the glory of God’s creation. All truth, if it is truth, will finally testify to the Trinity. Such testimony may take many years to be recognized, but we need not be in a hurry because, as Paul tells us in Romans, the Holy Spirit has been given to us that our suffering might produce endurance, endurance produce character, and character hope, and hope will not disappoint, because by hope, we are made participants in God’s very life. Endurance is but another name for learning to live as creatures who have all the time in the world to be God’s good people.”1

This is the twenty-first in a series of posts highlighting captivating, provocative, or simply entertaining quotes from the newly published book Minding the Web: Making Theological Connections by Stanley Hauerwas edited by Robert J. Dean (Cascade).

  1. Stanley Hauerwas, “Trinity,” in Minding the Web: Making Theological Connections, edited by Robert J. Dean (Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2018), 255.

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